Diplomas, degrees

  • 2021-2022: Teacher of Economics (Entrepreneurial Studies)
    Master’s diploma, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
    Training portfolio: professional, school social environmentmethodological projects
  • 2018-2019: Online Marketing Manager
    Master’s diploma; Edutus University, Hungary
    Thesis: Presentation and Evaluation of a Company’s Inbound Marketing System
  • 2008-2011: Information science absolutorium
    Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Information Technology, Doctoral School of Information Technology, Budapest, Hungary
    Information Systems PhD program, Research on the effectiveness of ECG analyzer algorithms
  • 2005-2007: School Manager and Specialist of Pedagogy
    Master’s diploma; Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
    Thesis: Aspects of the course allocation criteria and making timetable
  • 2001-2005: Certified Teacher of Informatics
    Master’s diploma; Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Information Technology, Budapest, Hungary
    Thesis: Geoinformatics exercises (college notes)
  • 1998-2002: Teacher of Mathematics and Computer science majors
    Bachelor’s diploma, University of Szeged, Juhász Gyula Teacher Training Faculty, Hungary
    Thesis: Cryptography (Educational Software for the topic of IT Basics)
  • 1996-2000: IT Specialist Engineer, Specialist of Application Development
    Bachelor’s diploma; Dennis Gabor College, Budapest, Hungary
    Thesis: Test Questions scope of the subject of computer networks

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