I am the author of four books/textbooks. The last three were written based on Java programming. All of them are very popular. It has been used in several schools, higher education, vocational training, various courses and new wave company trainings in Hungary and neighboring countries as well. The English title of my most recently published textbook is: Programming with Java.

Books in Hungarian: Könyvek

In line with my doctoral research topic, I regularly publish: professional articles, technical lectures, posters and lots and lots of educational and science-promoting lectures, consolidated list:

  • 3 technical books in Java programming and 1 technical book in Geoinformatics (4 in Hungarian)
  • 60 professional articles about programming, software development, effectiveness, eLearning, methodology (12 in English)
  • 166 technical lectures (15 in English)
  • 22 posters (1 in English)

Publication list in Hungarian: Publikációs lista